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A Confidential Program for Washington Physicians & Other Healthcare Providers

Since 1986, the Washington Physicians Health Program (WPHP) has assisted with the recovery and return to work of thousands of healthcare providers. WPHP offers services to healthcare providers who have a medical condition that could impact their clinical performance. These services include general outreach, crisis intervention, informal assessment, treatment monitoring, and support for providers who need our help. WPHP believes that early intervention and evaluation offer the best opportunity for a successful outcome and help to protect patient safety.

WPHP is a non-profit organization, founded by the Washington State Medical Association (WSMA) to reach out to troubled colleagues. WPHP helps identify, refer for evaluation or treatment, monitor the recovery, and endorse the safety of healthcare providers who would benefit from our services.  This primarily includes healthcare providers who have a mental or physical condition that is affecting their ability to practice with reasonable safety to patients. Examples of these conditions are substance abuse or dependence, severe major depressive disorder, bipolar mood disorder, cognitive disorders, severe anxiety disorders, personality disorders, and physical disorders such as multiple sclerosis and chronic pain. It is a physician-directed program with a highly competent, experienced, and dedicated staff.

WPHP is a confidential resource to the maximum extent provided by law for people that access it.  WPHP is dedicated to helping healthcare providers heal and promoting public safety by intervening in cases of illness before they affect patient care.